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The Entrepreneur Mindset

  • Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM CST (doors open at 1:45 PM)

Sorry, this event is not available.

This event was available from Monday, January 28, 2019 12:00 AM until the event start date.

Our non-profit partner for this event is Harvest House in Burleson! I absolutely love what they are doing in the community and am excited to be able to give back to them as much as possible.

Per the model we have setup for this event, all ticket sales past 30 will go straight to support Harvest House. That means we have a huge margin to be able to support them so make sure you and your business are a part of this event!

Find more information at

What it is.
It’s a conference style event that will train your employees on a key topic to help improve them in the workplace. Topics will range from soft skills such as personal development, leadership and more.

Why be a part?
You’ll be contributing to the betterment of your business as well as the community as a whole. Better people make better communities. Let’s build this!

How often is it? 
This first run will be three months. Topics are:
       + February: The Entrepreneur Mindset
       + March: Maximize Your Life
       + April: Financial Freedom
Each topic will be done twice in the given month.

Can I sponsor an event?
Yes! We are looking for sponsors for food/drinks as well as those that wish to have a spot to speak. Check the website for sponsor opportunities.

Tickets: $50 per person, per event
Initial Funding: 30 tickets sales funds event at $2500
Goal: Selling 35 additional tickets would give $1750 to Harvest House

Goal Takeaway:
To empower employees to become problem solvers and know they can be a part of changes to improve processes, culture and end products.

Summary: I’ve been an entrepreneur or freelancer my entire life. It’s just been my mindset from birth to create and build and work on something important. The interesting thing is that many people feel this way but few carry that passion into the workplace. That means employees aren’t operating to their full potential because they aren’t passionate about what they come to work for. But we can change that together! Fostering a place of creativity and empowering employees doesn’t mean they will rebel and leave. They want the financial security companies offer, but they also want to give input and make a difference.

Download the full PDF 

Attendee EXPIRED
Until Feb 26, 2019

Selections are not reserved until order is complete.

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